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Welcome to Gimsto, your go-to destination for quality products catering to your furry friends. From small to big dogs, we offer a curated selection designed to enhance their happiness and well-being. Join us in celebrating the joy of pet ownership with our top-notch items.

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Most Asked Questions

Why are some products cheaper in your store than other shops?

Thanks to being able to get lower prices at the supplier, we can offer our products at a cheaper price than other shops.

Why are your products more expensive than other stores?

Since we're shipping for free, some products may appear to be more expensive. We're dedicated to make you spend as little as possibe. Therefore, we're not charging you extra to receive the products.

Why don't you offer more products on your store?

We want to differentiate ourselves by offering products that will make life with pets easier for you.

What if I need a product you're not offering?

Feel free to send us an email at gimstoshop@gmail.com with your product idea and we will do our best to offer the product at the best price possible.